01 October 2011

One last swim day..

Today was a warm day...again...here in the Mojave Desert. Yes, the first of October and we were sweating while putting up our Halloween decorations....how sick is that? We decided to go to a friends house for lunch and a swim. Half way there, I realized I had forgotten the life vest my oldest always wears. He, being handicap, was never able to swim without me being right there or packing him with a life vest. I forgot that his school has been teaching him how to swim.....imagine our surprise when we say him diving in, doing summersaults in the water and actually swimming around.

Can you just stand it?

Here he is doing a summer sault.

He wanted to swim but the 70 degree water wasn't that enticing.

This picture is the most amazing sight to me...He is actually DIVING...or trying to. Our Tay has autism and is very severe. He almost drowned when he was 5 and the water has been a constant worry for us. This picture makes my heart happy!

Good times.....

Swimming....I just can't believe it.

What did you do today?

1 comment:

  1. Besides smiling at your lovely post, my husband and I had lunch beside the river in the city and went for a walk in the nearby gardens. Then we stumbled across an art exhibition. We had a great day!


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