09 October 2011

An Amazing Double Lone Star!!

You have got to see this beautiful quilt I'm quilting for a client. It is amazing! This gentleman called me and asked me to do some custom work on this quilt his mother made about 20 years ago. This quilt was HAND QUILTED by this amazing woman and her son has had it saved for years. She is no longer alive and he wanted to have it quilted and finished in her honor.

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!

Here is a front view....A double lone star.

Here is a peek of the hand sewing....now imagine this entire double lone star hand sewn.

I wanted to do some feathers for him in the white, but he wants only stitch in the ditch and the lines continued through the white squares. I'm kind of sad I can't do the feathers, so I'm going to do the sunburst lines in the white blocks. I am half way done with this lovely and will post pictures of the finished product.

What are you doing today?


  1. Wow @ the detail. You should have totally show & tell'd this!!!

  2. I am really not a fan of the lonestar quilt but this quilt is totally awesome!


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