30 October 2011

Family is Everything!

This weekend we went to visit my grampa. I just love him! He is 91 years old and is fighting strong! He doesn't have much time with us left so this trip was very special for me. I hope he holds on longer, but God has everything in mind and his perspective is sometimes hard for us to understand. My grampa was born in America, but his parents immigrated from Sicily shortly before he was born. He has lived a long life and even spent time in Okinawa during WWII. He had five children, my mom being number 3, and has many grandchildren and great grandchildren. I think he even has a few great great grandchildren. I just love that he is finally going white on his head, he didn't have very much grey/white hair until about 3 years ago. I'm VERY hopeful about these wonderful genes I've inherited. :)

Here we are on Friday!

Here is a 4 generation photo...my mom, me and my three boys!

Here is my mom and one of her sisters with Grampa. Can you tell they are totally related?!!

Isn't he cute!

This was my grampa in the ARMY...Sicilians are the bomb!

It was so wonderful spending this weekend with my grampa...I hope to see him at least one more time. Family is everything.


  1. I'm so happy for you that you have such a wonderful family connection. Your Grandfather is a lucky man!

  2. He really is a trooper and wow! So handsome! My Grandmothers are 88 and 85, Papa is 82 (they all still live in their own homes) and when my Grandpa died 3 years ago he was 85 so I'm hoping I've got some of those long-lived genes! I count myself incredibly lucky to be 37 and still have 3 fit and healthy grandparents - family IS everything!

  3. Good Looking Grandpa Nic. Very handsome man. So glad you got that time with him and hope you get another trip soon. Family is everything!!!


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