01 November 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today started off with a bang! Kindergarten had their Halloween festivities today and the kids were able to go to school in costume! So, my little guy looked like this all day! :) Cute little Vampire!


Lining up to go into class....too stylin.

After arriving home, all the boys got ready to go out! Tay(in the middle) is supposed to be a ghost. Now, for fun, I wanted to have him be a mental patient....HA HA...but I didn't want to upset anyone. You have to understand something though...in our life.....laughter is necessary to keep going sometime. Half way through the night he was sitting in his wheel chair with me pushing him around and his white make up was all off...so he ended up looking the part. :) Plus, he kept yelling out really loud. It was pretty funny.

My convict was hillarious! He even had his first dance at school tonight! A Halloween bash of Middle School Proportions! And check out that scary Vampire.....Yikes!

Great make up job if you ask me. :)

In the end....we simply have TOO MUCH candy in our house! Everyone had a splendid time and they are all snoozing away while I type. Time for bed....

Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. We have enough sweeties to do us until *at least* Christmas!! Your trick or treaters are all fabulous - I do have a soft spot for that wee vampire, though!


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