02 November 2011

I love OLD houses!

I love the old houses that were built by the pioneers 100+ years ago! They have such character and personality to them. This house is my grampas house and he's lived here for as long as I can remember....at least 30 years....maybe more. This house is very old and does need some work inside, but look at the statement it says on the outside. Isn't it cool?! The one thing I find amusing is that the original front door someone planted a tree about 15 years ago right in front of it. This door has never been used to my knowledge, but it kind of adds to it's ombiance.

Here's the original front door.

To the right you can see the newer addition that was added about 40 years ago....I love the old chimneys...they need repair but still stand.

The original single payne windows below....and it gets cold in his town. Check out the finish on the eaves! Amazing craftsmanship from 150+ years ago.

One day my husband and I want to buy an old craftsman house and remodel it. Of course to do this we would have to move from our town because there aren't any homes like that here, so someday we will do it. Until then, I'm just going to admire other homes I see....for future inspiration!

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  1. Great! I also love old houses, rather i must say i love vintage houses.. But not those haunted one. Vintage, historical and bricked? Hahaha. Well, i just hope that you and your husband could buy a house like that.


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