03 December 2011

61 Years Ago...

This Nativity is really cool. My mom in law bought this when she was 16 years old. So, this lovely has lasted over 61 years! Not bad eh? She said that when she brought it home this was the Nativity the family used each year until she was married. Some of the pieces are ceramic and others are rubber. She said she had to pick each piece out individually to make a full set. Kind of interesting I thought. It's displayed up high to keep any little fingers from playing with it. :)

Do you have any Christmas Decorations that have been handed down through the years?


  1. Wow! That's cool that she bought it when she was a teen, and you still have it and enjoy it! I have a church with a music box in it, that plays Silent Night when you wind it....it used to be my grandma's, and is just about the only thing I have of hers. Pleasant memories of being little, and listening to it at their house. :)

  2. I have a special nativity set which has been handed down to me from my mother. I don't have my decorations out yet- we're a bit slow downunder- end of school year takes over!


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