02 December 2011

Nativity from Italy

This gorgeous Nativity is from Bolzano Italy where everything is in Italian and German. My husband bought this for his mom when he was in Italy and sent it home to her. Our boys loved watching it go with the flames from the candles. It is all wood and hand crafted. This was added to her collection during the Winter of 1995. It's so lovely.

Here is the little manger scene up close....I didn't get a great shot of it though and I'm sorry for that, but it is a fun one to look at.

Until tomorrow.....


  1. That's adorable! I saw these in Germany years ago, and wished I'd had enough spare cash to purchase one. They are so cute with the top part spinning around smoothly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My SIL has one of these almost identical! Her Papa is German so she has loads of wooden Christmas stuff.


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