01 December 2011

Nativity Love

For December I thought I would do something different. The other day, we went over to my inlaws to help them put up all their Christmas Decorations and I was excited to find out that she collects Nativity sets. :) Now, how cool is that?! So, each day for the next 17 days or so, I am going to blog about each one and share them with you. Each has a special story, some more interesting than others, but none the less very fun. This blog post is going to show you one of my Nativity sets. I have 3. I love this one because it is a music globe as well. The bottom part where the little people and animals are standing rotates around and on the other side is a village on a hill.

I will start the blogfest off with my Nativity and will end it with mine. All of the ones in between are my mom in laws. Enjoy and let me know what you think of each one. Do you have a special Nativity you love to set up each Christmas?


  1. One of my best friends collects Nativity sets as well. I only have one, but I love it and it was given to me by my mom... all stained glass, with room for tea-light candles. I'm afraid to put it up because of little hands...

  2. I'm the opposite of Carolina (up above). There aren't little hands here any more, so I can put my set out in the open now. It was bought when our kiddos were babies, and each Christmas we would read Luke's gospel and they'd point to the figures as each one was mentioned!


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