15 December 2011

Tis the Season to be Quilting!

Tis the season to be busy! I have been quilting like a mad woman this week to get quilts done before Christmas so I can send them back to their owners! I have to show off a couple quilts that I just finished for Molly. You should check out her blog/website...she has some serious skills!

This quilt that I quilted for her...she wanted pumpkins and I had a meandering pumpkin stencil and it was very fun doing this one. I followed the pattern from the stencil and quilting chalk.

Here is a close up of the pattern on her quilt....aren't these pumpkins SO cute?

This quilt is so fabulous! The Shoo-Fly is really cool! In fact, I am going to make one of these for our bed! It's fast and easy but I just love the look of the huge feel of it. I think I will make my squares 18 inches instead of 12...that would make an impact don't you think? 

The pattern that Molly picked was the wave....and I think it's perfect for this quilt too!

Now...off to quilt another one.... :)


  1. Woohoo Nichol, they are gorgeous!!! You have mad skills, girl. :) Thank you a million times over...I have another one to piece that will be coming your way too.

  2. Nichol, your quilting is fabulous! Thanks for letting us have a peek!


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