29 January 2012

Dottie Angel Challenge Complete...or is it?

I have a lot of new readers since this time last year, so to enlighten those of you who are new last year at this time I decided to embark on a challenge of the "utmost kind". I discovered a challenge over on the blog Dottie Angel! I was amazed at her blog when I read it and I must admit that I frequent her lovely blog often. I love the clean simplicity of it and it makes me sincerely jealous that I do not live in the Northwest because they clearly have better thrift stores. However, the challenge was to purchase only handmade or secondhand items for my closet or my home for one year! 

I will be honest, at first when I saw the challenge my first thought was "no problem, finances are tight and I can't really buy anything new anyway." So, I embarked on this challenge. I am very proud to say that I completed this challenge with only 2 new items received this year...both were shoes. And, I must add, in the challenge it is said that what others gift to you does not count. My husband bought me a pair of sneakers from Target on clearance for $8 for my birthday and for Christmas he bought me my ever coveted running shoes (price not necessary to list). Both, however, were gifts. 

Now, to get to the important part of this challenge. I had times when I simply couldn't wait for the challenge to be over so I could buy myself something new. Now, this challenge for me ends in 2 days. I started it February 1, 2011 and this challenge has transformed my life. Thank you Tif!  I did not think that it would change me in the way it has, because now I can no longer buy new items. I am so used to seeing my lovely thrift store purchase prices and I can't bring myself to do it. 

I just want to recap with you some of my favorite purchases this past year....

This set I bought for .99 cents! 

Tahari shoes for $5~yes please!

Some lovely vintage sheets and a casserole dish....LOVE!

This shelf stores all of my thread for my quilting! 

Vintage Pyrex!! Need I say more!

And some cute rain boots...these go fishing too around these parts!

I have to admit, these finds were fabulous! But I love what I have in my closet and I can't wait to find more great grabs! My husband asked me if I would be happy with $100 to go shopping at Kohl's I said, "If I had $100 I would take it to the thrift store and I could replace my entire closet!" he just smiled. Yep, I think I have changed..... 1 outfit from the department store or a whole new closet from the thrift store...for me, that's a no brainer!

I am going to keep going on this challenge! Want to join me?

Have a Fabulous Day!!

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  1. You've found some fantabulous bargains! Great job! I, too, would rather go thrifting than shopping at the big stores! My money goes WAYYY further that way!


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