17 January 2012

Some Sewing Therapy

This has been a tough week around our house and I was desperate to get some sewing in to distract myself. So, the Holiday is over all the kids are at school, I am STILL in my Pajamas and I have completed both my starter blocks/centers for the Round Robin Groups I just joined over at

This is the center/starting point for the group Awesome Rawsome Round Robin Group! What do you think? It's 31" x 31" and comes in just under our max of 36" sq.

This is my signature block that will be accompanying my center in the mail so that each lovely person that adds to my center will be able to sign it.

This is my center/starting block for the Free Form Robin Group B

The block on the left is my starter piece and the one on the right is my signature block

I have been holding on to these fabrics for over a year now wondering what to do with them. I just love how happy they are and looking at them makes me happy!

Now, time to clean up my mess on the table here and get on with my day.


  1. I think it looks like a sunshiney day :) Very cheery.

  2. I know just what you mean...I could use some sewing therapy today! LOL Your blocks are wonderful -- looking forward to seeing them "grow" as they go 'round.

  3. Ah ha! THERE you are! :-) You hadn't popped into the group thread in awhile, so I was wondering if you were still playing. Something is wrong with my internet right now, so I can't see the photos, but I'll be back later to check them out.

    (em@sewingbymoonlight on flickr)


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