04 January 2012

Fabulous Paper Piecing!

 I just finished the second amazing quilt! Isn't this stunning with all the colors? I loved the green one but this one is very striking! She picked a multi-colored thread and it really looks fabulous! 


This is the back! Talk about a way to use up your scraps! I think this is a brilliant idea and I'm going to try this one on a quilt I'm starting up with a round robin group I'm doing.

I love the resourcefulness of the back....what a way to use up extras.....


  1. Wowza! So colorful! It's a beautiful quilt. :)

  2. It IS a great way to use up scraps! But the front of the quilt is beautiful too!

  3. Both sides are winners. You have to admire that beautifully executed paper piecing....

  4. Absolutely incredible!! Wonderful job Nicole!!


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