20 February 2012

Another New Adventure

Hello there my wonderful readers. I have been thinking about a few things lately and I really want to start blogging more. When I say more I mean about other subjects as well. I have decided to start another blog. This new blog is about Art and Home. It will be in addition to my Quilting blog, so have no fear I will continue to blog here as always. I am dedicating this new blog to Art and Home Decor. I am tired of having a boring dull house and it's high time I spruce it up. So, my new blog will show the progress of each project I take on. If you want to follow me over there too that would be fabulous! Here is the link:

It's just in it's infancy but believe me, there will be a lot going on there because my house is a blank canvas. So, if you are interested....come join me. 

Good times are sure to be had!

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you! I look forward to seeing your posts...maybe I can glean some ideas that will help with my boring house, too! :)


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