14 February 2012

Unique Valentine's Gifts

 This year for Valentine's Day we did our usual and stayed home for a fabulous Flank Steak dinner with salad and baked potato. It was wonderful and just as tasty as ever. 

For gifts this year, my husband and I got a little creative.....and let me tell you it turned out to be so much fun!

First, I have to tell you about his gift to me......there is a story behind it. He got me a Cotton Candy Maker....I love cotton candy and the story is about 12 years ago we were in our first house and he went out to buy me one, but they had recalled all of them because of a fire hazard. uh, yeah. So, that was a no go.......he came home tonight and said to me that he has wanted to get me one for years! He never forgot about that first attempt. 

So, we had to break it out and see if it really worked! :) He got the kind that makes cotton candy from the sugar mixes and from hard candies!!! Imagine......putting a couple Worther's candies in there and having a handful of cotton candy out of it! I'm totally drooling!! But, we only had peppermint candies so we tried it....

And it WORKED!!!

 After we realized it worked we were in search of any other hard candy in the house (not much) but we came across some dum dum suckers and smashed them off the sticks. We had cotton candy that tasted like sour green apples and strawberry orange! It was divine! 

I'm going to the store tomorrow! hahaha!!

 Next, I was on the internet one night and came across something FABULOUS!!! HERE they had some rather unique gift ideas and I found this great gift! You can customize the picture with your names and a date.....It looks like our names are carved into the tree! I put our wedding date on it too! They have the sand on the beach too but for us, we are campers and these trees reminded me of our favorite camping and fishing spot! It was an obvious choice! He LOVED it!!! He even said it reminded him of our favorite spot too! So, it was a great idea. I'm hanging it in our room so we can enjoy it. :)

Not only that, but look how it came!! It was delivered with matte, glass, and frame all for a very good price! It also comes in many sizes and in black and white too!

Hope your Valentines was happy! 

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