23 July 2012

And the scrap bags go to......

Happy Monday all!! 

I used the Random.org site to pick two winners of my bags of scraps!

Here they are:

The larger bag goes to #4 ISISJEM
she said: Well done for getting so organised. I'm organizing my craft area at the moment. I love scraps - they're my favourite thing to work with. Maybe because this is where the true roots of patchwork come from. You're using left overs to create something new. I get a kick out of that idea every time I sew with scraps!

The two smaller bags go to #2 MOLLY
she said: I love a good organizing binge! I feel soooo good after I sort through an area and I LOVE to throw things out! My scrap situation is totally under control now because during the granny square quilt a long I cut every scrap up into 2 1/2 in. squares and used all but a baggie full. No more scrap bin for me and I kind of miss them. I didn't realize how many times I reached into that bin for a splash of different color or print.

Congratulations Ladies!!! Email me with your addresses (nicholhardy at yahoo dot com).....I know I have them somewhere, but I need them again. I was super excited to find that two ladies I had swapped or quilted with online won.....



  1. Wooo hooo - I was just thinking I haven't won anything in forever and there I've won something! :-) Thank you emailing you now...

  2. Yay! Thanks Nichol I look forward to a good sorting session!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!! You'll have fun with all those scraps, I know! :)


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