19 July 2012

Riley Blake Project finished!

Umm....is it almost the end of July? Holy smokes!! I have been so MIA these past months and I do have several valid excuses, but none of them are necessary to bring up. However, I am finally feeling better and able to do things again and so hear I am!!

The last post I talked about the Riley Blake challenge over at MomItForward and I thought it was due time to show it to you.

I ended up making a sundress because I didn't have enough time to make a quilt with it. (oh, but don't worry, I have extra left over and I'm already working on a quilty) Anywho, if you would like to read my article you can read it HERE. But here are the photos of my project. 

Disclaimer: you are about to witness something VERY cute!!! Be prepared (and I don't mean the dress)!!

She's a natural in front of the camera...

A little ballet pose....

We tried to get her to twirl but she was so serious she said nope. haha

At the end of the photo shoot she was VERY disappointed when her mom made her take off the dress.  :) If I end up having a boy, she will get this dress for sure! 

Last time I made this dress was about 12 years ago....What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Adorable model, and the dress is OK, too. LOL No, I really mean that both the young lady and the dress are awesome! Love them!
    Glad you are feeling better!


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