20 July 2012

My addition for Jo!!

As you may remember I participated in a Round Robin and I wanted to show you what I did in June (actually July, cause I was so sick in June) for Jo Avery. This is my favorite type of round robin so far I think. With this one I wanted to add some disappearing nine patch squares but rather than grouping them together I spread them out along the border. 

The top is a bit wavy, but I think that is just from having so many hands on it. I tried to stick with the colors that were already in it and I hope I did it justice. 

Here is the corner up close, I tried to make it look as though it flowed through...

Each nine patch was placed in the white section from the border before mine.

What do you think??


  1. I love your DNPs, and I think that quilt is gorgeous....isn't it amazing how lovely they turn out, with so many different people contributing? You might think that it would be a collision of different styles and tastes, but it is beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Nichol, Jo is a very lucky woman to end up with such an amazing quilt!


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