25 February 2011

day twenty-five project

for today's project i finally dusted off the round 9 for the ORBC and finished sewing the ticker tape pieces on. i feel really great that i have accomplished this task. my school has sucked my time away from my machine and i have missed her greatly. i just love sewing and i am so glad to be back at the helm.

below you will see my progress.....i have four sections that were broken up to make the quilting process easier...the first one i did straight lines and it took FOREVER! so, with the last three, i attached my free-motion quilting foot, dropped the footers and went to town. i realy love the wavy lines on each square....it adds character.

here is a shot of one....doesn't it look fun?

these two pieces are going to be one baby sized quilt....i think they will be very fun .

here i finished the first part.....it's attached, but on the back it is pinned and i need to hand stitch it with a blind stitch...that will happen tomorrow hopefully. after that then the binding.

i am sad though.....i have to take my lovely machine in for service tomorrow and i don't know when i will get her back!  can you say STRESS? i have to finish my DQS10 and my URBAN Home Goods a Modern Swap by the end of March! maybe the service will have to wait until the end of March.

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